Square Roots Farm

Pasture Raised Chicken

  • Whole birds only

  • Available frozen any week of the year

  • Available fresh every other week from June-Oct

  • Processed on the farm under a Massachusetts state slaughter license

  • Packed and labeled in shrink bags

 Information for Restaurants, Retailers, and other Buyers

  • Available year-round

  • Fresh, long shelf life

  • Priced and packed by the dozen or by the case

  • Rich, firm, orange yolks; delicious flavor

Our pasture raised chicken and eggs from pastured hens are available at wholesale pricing to local restaurants and retailers. We have an established southward Thursday delivery route and are actively looking for new customers who would like to offer our most popular products on their menus and shelves. Both of these products are much loved by our customer base which reaches form North Adams to Great Barrington and beyond. Please contact us for pricing and other information.

Eggs from Pasture Raised Hens