Purchasing Cuts

Deposit: none

Cost: varies; $9-16/lb

For customers not ready to commit to a half or whole pig, frozen cuts of pork are available year-round in our farm stand, at farmers markets or by placing an online order for pick up or home delivery. Choose from pork chops, butt roasts, ribs, sausages, bacon, and more. Smoking is nitrate-free, and all meat processing/sausage making is done by Eagle Bridge Custom Meats in Eagle Bridge, NY.

Whole Pork Share

Deposit: $100

Balance: 2024 price TBD; based on hanging weight, minus deposit, plus butcher fees

Pick-Up:  at Square Roots Farm, time/date TBD, usually in the fall

A whole share contains about 120-140lbs of pork, or double a half share. Customers who order a whole pig usually have additional freezer space and enjoy their pork for the entire year.

Half Pork Share

Deposit: ​$50

Balance: 2024 price TBD; based on hanging weight, minus deposit, plus butcher fees

Pick-Up: at Square Roots Farm, time/date TBD, usually in the fall 

​A half share contains about 60-70lbs of pork, which ends up being about 4 or 5 grocery bags. You work with the butcher to determine what cuts you will receive. A typical half share might include 20 pork chops, 2 roasts, 1 ham, 8 ham steaks, 8 lbs of bacon, 3 lbs of ribs, 9 lbs of sausage, etc. 

How to Purchase

Our pigs live the kinds of lives pigs were intended to live – outside, in the sunshine, rooting and foraging for food in the pastures and woodlands of the farm.  We supplement their diet with locally grown, GMO-free grains and veggie scraps from the garden and table, resulting in pork with superior taste and quality.

Pasture Raised Pork

Square Roots Farm

Bulk/Custom Ordering

One of the most popular ways that customers purchase our pork is through whole and half shares. Pork shares offer a significant savings over buying cuts at market and they allow you to work directly with the butcher, but the pricing can be tricky to wrap your head around. When you buy a whole or half pig, you end up paying two people: the butcher and us. We charge by the hanging weight, which is the weight of the animal after it is slaughtered and cleaned but before it is cut up. Butcher costs vary depending on how you have your share cut. Feel free to contact us with questions.