Ground $8/lb

Stew $8/lb

Bratwurst (links) $11.50/lb

Filet mignon $22/lb

T-bone $15/lb

Porterhouse $16/lb

Ribeye steak $16/lb

Sirloin steak $12/lb

Sirloin tip $13/lb

Flat iron $12/lb

Skirt $12/lb

Hanger $12/lb 

Flank steak $12/lb

Short ribs $6.50/lb

Eye round roast $9/lb

Bottom round roast $9/lb

Chuck roast $8/lb

Liver $4/lb

Bones $1.25/lb

Tallow $3.00/lb

Other Products
Honey $12 1lb jar
Old fashioned lard soap $5/bar

   Price List

Farmers Markets

Find us at a farmers market almost every week of the year! Purchase vegetables, eggs, cut flower bouquets, honey, lard soap, and all of our pasture raised and grass fed meats. Take advantage of Market Match programs that double your SNAP benefits and earn HIP dollars with your veggie purchases. We're even cooking breakfast: egg sandwiches made to order!


Whole  $5.60/lb - 3-6 lb

Boneless breast $13.95/lb

Bone-in breast  $9.95/lb

Thighs $7.95/lb

Drumsticks $6.95/lb

Wings $5.50/lb

Soup packs $2.50/lb

Liver $5/lb

Hearts $3/lb

Sausage links $10/pkg - hot, sweet, breakfast
Specialty sausage links $11/pkg- chorizo, andouille

Bulk sausage $10/pkg - breakfast, sweet
Ground pork $8.50/lb
Nitrate-free smoked bacon $14/lb

Shoulder Bacon $14/lb

Jowl bacon $13/lb

Bacon ends $11/lb
Chops $10.75/lb - 2 per package
Sirloin chops $8.00/lb
Rack of Ribs $9.75/lb
Boston Butt Roast $9.75/lb - 3-5 lb

Tenderloin $16/lb
Nitrate-free smoked shank $6.00/lb
Country style ribs $8.00/lb
Neck bones $3.50/lb
Trotters $3.50/lb
Liver $3.00/lb
Leaf lard $4.00/lb
Fatback $2.00/lb

   How to Buy

Pre-Paid Vegetable Market Card

Order an egift card through Square and save money on our farmers' market vegetables! Details and promo codes here.

Eggs $5.25/doz (available self serve in the metal quonset barn)

Anytime Orders

You can also place an order directly with us for pick up at farmers' market or here on the farm. Fill out an order, and we'll pack it up for you and email an invoice. This is a great way to stock up, request special or unusual cuts, or pick up on your schedule.

Farm Shares

We offer eggs, chicken, and flower shares; whole and half pigs; and Thanksgiving turkeys available for pre-order starting in late winter each year. Choose your "shares", pay a deposit, and pick up fresh during the growing season. Your deposit not only reserves your food, but it also shows your commitment to local agriculture and helps us with cash flow, similar to a traditional vegetable CSA program. Visit product pages for details, or click below to order.

Square Roots Farm