Square Roots Farm

Cuts of our 100% grass-fed beef are available at our self-serve farm stand, at farmers markets or by placing an online order for pick up or delivery. Choose from ground beef, steaks, short ribs, roasts, sausages, and more. Smoking is nitrate-free, and all meat processing/sausage making is done by Eagle Bridge Custom Meats in Eagle Bridge, NY.

As we grow our herd, we'll have a steadier supply of a variety of cuts, and bulk ordering may become an option.

How to Purchase

Cows are ruminants, designed by nature to thrive on a diet of forage alone. We move our cows regularly through our pastures, using rotational grazing to make sure they get the best grass, clover, and forage. The pastures get the rest they need to sequester carbon and keep growing great grass, the animals get to express their instincts in a natural environment with the best quality feed, and customers get the highest quality meat, with higher concentrations of omega-3's and other healthy compounds like cancer-fighting CLAs. Our 100% grass-fed lamb and beef animals are never fed any grain.

‚ÄčOur herd is made up of mostly Rotokawa Devons - a breed developed to thrive and produce well-marbled, tasty beef on a diet of grass and hay only. We purchased three cow-calf pairs in 2015, and while we have started harvesting beef from Devons born here at the farm, we also purchase calves and yearlings of other breeds from area farmers to "finish" so that we can consistently provide a variety of cuts.

100% Grass Fed Beef