Square Roots Farm

Farmers Markets, Farm Stand, and Home Delivery

Deposit: none

Cost: $5.95/lb

For our more spontaneous customers, or those looking for the convenience of parts, chicken is also available for purchase in our self-serve farm stand, at farmers markets or through our web store. Cuts may be fresh or frozen, and you can find us at a market most weeks throughout the year.

Order a la Carte

Deposit: $5/bird

Balance: $5.25/lb minus deposit

Pick-Up: 4-7pm on selected Wednesdays

Just like our chicken share, this option allows you to pick up fresh, whole chickens directly from the farm. In this option, you choose how many chickens you want each day but still get the savings and the farm pick-up experience.

Chicken Share

Deposit: ​$55 ($5/bird)

Balance: $5.25/lb minus deposit

Pick-Up: ​4-7pm every other Wednesday starting June 8

Sign up to buy a whole chicken every other week from June through October - 11 chickens total. Each "chicken day," you pick your order up fresh from the farm the day after we process it. That's as fresh as it gets!

How to Purchase

Square Roots Farm chickens live outside, browsing on a salad bar of fresh pasture and bugs and day ranging inside electrified poultry netting with a portable shelter. We move the pen and the netting often to allow for plenty of clean, growing pasture - and to let the chickens fertilize the fields! In addition to foraging, the birds also eat a mix of locally grown, GMO-free grains.  To reduce stress and ensure humane handling, we process the chickens directly on the farm in our state inspected processing unit.

Pasture Raised Chicken