Square Roots Farm

Deposit: $20/bird

Balance: $4.45/lb minus deposit

Pick-Up: Sunday before Thanksgiving, time TBD

Order as many turkeys as you like. Many of our customers serve one at Thanksgiving and freeze a second for another special occasion. We can also recommend a local custom butcher if you are interested in having turkey sausage or lunch meat made from one or more of your birds.


Purchasing Details

Turkeys sell out early! It's never too soon to order.

Every year customers rave about the difference a Square Roots Farm turkey makes in their Thanksgiving feast. Since the turkeys live outside on pasture, they supplement their diet of locally grown, GMO-free grains with tons of grass, plants, and bugs. This diverse diet makes all the difference - creating a noticeably more tender, flavorful, and healthy product. To reduce stress and ensure humane handling, we process the turkeys directly on the farm in our state inspected processing unit, and customers pick them up fresh the weekend before Thanksgiving.

Pasture Raised Turkey