Square Roots Farm

Farmers Markets or Home Delivery

Cost: $7.50/doz

For our more spontaneous customers, eggs are also available for purchase at farmers markets or through our web store. You can find us at a market somewhere in Berkshire County most weeks throughout the year.

Self-Serve at the Farm

Cost: $7.50/dozen

Pick-Up: anytime - daylight hours

All year round, we stock the refrigerators in our roadside farm stand with fresh eggs. Stop by anytime and pay with cash, check, or Venmo.

Egg Share

Cost: ​$135 full season (June-Oct)

Pick-Up Options:

  • Self-serve at the farm
  • Alternate Wednesdays at chicken pick-up
  • Saturday farmers markets

Sign up to reserve a dozen eggs weekly for 20 weeks from June-October. Save over per-dozen cost and guarantee that you'll have our popular, often sold-out eggs for your family all season long.

How to Purchase

If you have never tried fresh, pasture raised eggs before, you are in for an unforgettable treat. At Square Roots Farm, we keep our hens on green, growing pasture throughout the growing season (and in a sunny, spacious greenhouse through the winter), allowing them to feast on plants and bugs. Along with their locally grown, GMO-free feed, this diverse diet produces eggs with a vibrant orange yolk and a distinctly better flavor than conventional eggs.

Eggs from Pastured Hens