Nicole, 2014 and 2016

Community Food Systems Extension Agent with Virginia Cooperative Extension

"I liked working here so much that I came back a second year.  Square Roots was my first real introduction to agriculture of any kind, and the experience was so rewarding that it defined my subsequent career path.  I could not be successful in my current role as an Extension Agent without the hands-on experience that I gained apprenticing."

Chris, 2010, 2011, and 2012

Livestock manager at Sunrise Farm in White River Jct, VT

"The one on one experience at Square Roots Farm was a great way to be immersed in all aspects of small scale diversified agriculture."

After a Square Roots Farm Apprenticeship...

Janine, 2017

Working on a PhD in Nutrition form Cornell University

"While working at Square Roots Farm, I gained an immense amount of knowledge on sustainable farming and supplying food to local communities. I also grew in personal ways, building strength and confidence in my capabilities. I came away with skills that I have applied to countless other settings. Ashley and Michael were amazing supervisors and mentors while I worked there, teaching me so much and making me feel like a part of the family."

Anthony, 2016

Co-manager at Second Wind CSA in Gardiner, NY

"Square Roots Farm was my first farming experience after deciding to switch to a farming career. My experience there helped shape my farming interests and allowed me to snag several other valuable farming opportunities. Michael and Ashley are great farmers to work with: patient, passionate and knowledgeable."

Lisa, 2018 and Vegetable Manager 2019/2020

En route to her next adventure...

"Arriving at Square Roots, I did not anticipate the joy-filled, good food, “oh, @#$!”, and resting soul moments that would occur here. The days could get long, and the work was sometimes hard, but at the end of every day, I walked away feeling more confident in myself and deeply glad to have been apart of something bigger. Michael and Ashley are two of the best people I’ve had the privilege to work for and with, and it is such a pleasure to be back for another season."

Square Roots Farm

Tom, 2014

Sales Consultant at Northeast Solar

"SRF was the perfect setting to learn all the ins and outs of running a family owned farm in New England. My time spent working and immersing myself in the Berkshires is definitely part of the reason I still call the area home too"