Square Roots Farm

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100% Grass-Fed Beef

Order our meats and eggs through the North Adams or Berkshire Grown winter markets.


Our cows and calves eat only grass and hay and rotationally graze the farm to enjoy top-quality pasture and improve the fields. Our practices produce quality beef that is currently available by the cut at the farm or at markets.


farmers@squarerootsfarm.org - 413.446.1446 - 95 Old Cheshire Rd., Lanesborough, MA 01237

We raise chicken, pork, Thanksgiving turkeys, and eggs on our green growing pastures. The animals' diets are supplemented with locally grown, non-GMO feed and are sold at farmers market or by pre-order.

​Pastured Poultry & Pork

We grow a variety of vegetables without the use of chemicals. We fertilize with our own compost and organic amendments and use organic practices to manage pests and weeds. We grow our veggies for CSA and farmers markets.