All of our products are grown right here on the farm using methods that support living communities and improve the land. Everything is GMO-free, and we do no use chemical pesticides/herbicides/insecticides or fertilizers, hormones, or unnecessary antibiotics.

How to Purchase

We sell our products through a combination of CSA, pre-orders, and farmers markets. We also have a small number of wholesale accounts with local restaurants, co-ops, and butcher shops. For information about wholesale or special occasion buying, please contact us.

Click on a product below to learn more about purchasing. You can also place a mixed meat order anytime for pick up on the farm or at one of our farmers markets.

Holiday Meat SALE!

From now until 12/21, participate in our mixed meat holiday sale and receive 5% off your total order. Just choose at least one item from each category and come pick up on the farm on Saturday, 12/22 from noon-3pm. Click here to order.


​Free range, pasture raised, GMO-free


Free range, pasture raised, GMO-free


Grown without pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, or synthetic fertilizers

   Our Products

Square Roots Farm


​100% grass fed


​Free range, pasture raised, GMO-free


Pasture raised, GMO-free, nitrate-free smoking