Square Roots Farm


Ground $8.00/lb

Ribeye steak $16.00/lb

Filet mignon $22.00/lb

Bones $1.25/lb

Tallow $3.00/lb

Other Products

Honey $12 1lb jar

Lard soap $5/bar

Sheep skins $110


Sausage links $9.75/lb - hot italian, sweet italian, breakfast

Specialty sausage links $11/lb - chorizo, andouille

Bulk sausage $8.75/lb - breakfast, sweet italian

Ground pork $8.50/lb

Nitrate-free smoked bacon $13/lb

Bacon ends $11/lb

Chops $9.75/lb - 2 per package

Sirloin chops $8.00/lb

​Rack of Ribs $9.75/lb

​Boston Butt Roast $9.75/lb - 3-5 lb

Nitrate-free smoked shank $6.00/lb

Country style ribs $8.00/lb

Neck bones $3.50/lb

Trotters $3.50/lb

Liver $3.00/lb

Leaf lard $4.00/lb

Fatback $2.00/lb

Chickens (frozen) 

Whole  $5.60/lb - approximately 4-5 lb

   Price List

Eggs $5.25/doz (available self serve in the metal quonset barn)

Whether you're trying to plan ahead for the next market or deciding to stop by the farm, this is our price list for cuts of meat currently available. We try to keep this up to date according to what's actually in the freezer, but availability may vary. If you are hoping to stop by the farm to pick up meat, please call or email ahead so we can make sure we are here and have everything you need.